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Reserved only for the bravest, adrenaline tourism brings a whole new experience that, apart from the accelerated pulse, brings a whole new look to the place where you live and life in general ..

Hotel Scala d'Oro offers you the opportunity to make your own interests and wishes on your vacation that we create for people who are just like you. For those who want diverse content, adventure, quality organization, but also freedom, and above all a good entertainment. Join us!

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At the foot of the Silk River and through the Petrovo field of the river Čikola with its 46 km of length, it does not cease to impress. Particularly attractive is its 130m deep canyon enriched with 298 types of plants, several caves and medieval fortresses.

This untouched wildlife is a special experience to feel free as a bird, in the safety of protective equipment.

Join us on a zipline adventure that will leave you breathless!


Discover the beauty of the part of the Šibenik aquatorium that conceals true gems such as the fortress of St. Nicholas (UNESCO).

Wading through the channel of St. Ante will fall in love with this kind of active vacation that has fascinated many nature lovers, visiting an unusual fortress built to keep the sea entrance to the city and see personally how to enter Braavos (Game of Thrones).



Jeep safaris and off road excursions in nature in the regions of Central and Northern Dalmatia. Ornithological Reserve, Vransko Lake, countryside huts along with traditional cuisine and wine tasting, source of Cetina River, archery tournament, vineyards under UNESCO protection, beautiful waterfalls, old mills and dams, old Croatian churches, magnificent mountains and more!

Choose your adventure in one of three thematic ensembles: Space, Pirate City, or Wild West, and experience fun in this unprecedented way in this region. Aside from driving, you will be entertained by magicians, jugglers, circusers, stand-up comedians and similar performers from various parts of the world.


Get rid of stress!
Now is the time to apply all the fighting tactics (you've certainly seen in many movies) apply yourself!

An adrenaline game that brings winners and losers! It is up to you to awaken your combat and speed.